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Namib Marimba Band in the Desert

About Us

The Namib Marimbas are passionate about Namibian music. Their original compositions & musical energy mirror the friendly people of Namibia. The rhythms voice the vibrant spirit of the people.

Namib Marimbas Group wishes to express their love for Namibia. Music can build bridges and they wish to deliver the message: That of respect for the culture of our ancestors and hope for a peaceful future.

The exposure to the music of all cultures and nations inspires each and every group member and supports the ongoing learning process.

Music is the universal language of mankind

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A brief history

The first attempt to establish a Marimba Group in Kuisebmond could be traced back to 1987. Mrs. Denise van Bergen took the first initiative with the Mulondo and Nasima brothers. In 1988 the group took part in the SWABC Music Makers Competition and won the first prize in the instrumental category and third prize in the composition category. The group split up in 1989 and for many years no Marimba music was heard in Kuisebmond except during church services.

In 1992 learners Immanuel Niigambo and Josua Kapulwa founded the first Marimba Group of the Kuisebmond Secondary School. Together with fellow learners George Naubeb, Zelda Naris and Albert Nicanor they borrowed the instruments from the Anglican church and were taught by Mr. Steyn. They were very successful and at the end of 1993 won the category of traditional instrumental music in Pretoria at a cultural evening organized by the Department of Education and Training: “The Binamawlo Cultural Festival”. At the end of 1993 the group dissolved, as members matriculated and moved away.

In 1995 Albert Mulondo and six fellow pupils of the Kuisebmond Secondary School, Walvis Bay, Namibia, founded the official Walvis Bay Marimba Group. Albert Mulondo unfortunately had to leave the group at the end of 1996.

Since 1997 the group has been playing music under the guidance of their coordinator, Greta Holst, who is a teacher at the Kuisebmond Secondary School. With no formal training and their skills mainly self-taught, the group meets up daily to practice and improve their skills.

As members complete their schooling they leave the group to pusue their professions, but the group lives on as new pupils join in.

Ferdinand Hengombe, a fellow pupil, took over the musical training in 2000 and in January 2009 established the Ondjupa Art Creation & Music CC Company leading the Namib Marimbas to new successes. The aim was to develope percussion music at the coast of Namibia, which included Marimbas, drums, Kuduhorns & shakers. A workshop to build new Marimba instruments and repair them was further established. With his assistant Anrich Geingob, Ferdinand guided the group to perform at numerous events and venues.

In 2010 when Ferdinand unfortunately had to leave the group, Mrs. Holst once again took over. The Namib Marimbas have been growing from strength to strength producing CD's, taking part in competitions and playing at a large number of events on national and international basis.

Since 2018, Gerson Dollar Mwatile took over the Group. As an old member of the Namib Marimbas and the Mascato Youth Choir, he developed a love for music. After his studies as a music teacher in drumming, singing and guitar, he started his own Music Studio – Geleff Music Studio. He also is currently the music teacher at the Alexandre Private School in Walvis Bay. Dollar is also a composer for various other artists like Yvonne Chacka Chacka Mascato Youth Choir, Namib Marimbas and Afroshine Band.

Our Productions

Namib Marimbas - 2002 - CD

Namib Marimbas - 2002 - CD

Most of the songs are composed by the group members themselves. Kudu horns, pipes, drums, five Marimba instruments and various shakers were played in the production. Recorded by David Benade.
(Total Duration of Disc: 47:08)

Price: N$ 100.00 (excluding postage)

Namib Marimbas - 2002 - CD

Namib Marimbas - 2002 - CD

  • Africa Ombwa
  • Igazi
  • Lilies on the hill
  • Mo Mbuwa
  • Interlude: Pipe Solo
  • Meguru
  • O'Njupa yo Maere'
  • Axaro Thshe
  • Kgomu Kwanyana
  • Daar kom die Alibama
  • Suikerbossie
  • Pika Ongombe (Drum Solo)
  • Dan Tago
  • Mamaliye
  • Hela Utjua Kae
  • Mbanderu
  • Qongqothwane
  • Natu Mangulukeni
Namib Marimbas II - 2005 - CD

Namib Marimbas II - 2005 - CD

You will enjoy a whole new African experience which is embedded in every melody and rhythm that emerges with many of their own compositions. The group made use of five Marimba instruments, Kudu horns, drums, pipes and various shakers.
(Total Duration of Disc: 54:54)

Price: N$ 100.00 (excluding postage)

Namib Marimbas II - 2005 - CD

Namib Marimbas II - 2005 - CD

  • Widow Land
  • Judgment day
  • Witch doctor' anthem
  • Kusibmond Jive
  • Metronix Fire
  • Kamati
  • Shosoloza
  • Get the rhythem
  • Grazing back home
  • When the soldiers return
  • Malaika
  • Kudu horn and pipe solo
  • Jaloers Bokkie
  • Sarie Marais
  • Ons was hier
  • Santana
  • Shimbi
  • He! Namibia
  • Besing die hart van Jesus
  • Namibia National Anthem
Namib Marimbas & Mascato, The Spirit of Namibia - DVD

The spirit of Namibia - DVD

Namib Marimbas & Mascato Coastal Youth Choir - In The Spirit of Namibia the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir and the Namib Marimba Band is introduced to the world against the backdrop of the spectecular Namibian landscape as well as cultural heritage of the country, including the traditional San people,or Bushmane, the fire-eaters from the Caprivi, the Drumbeaters from the north, the Name dancers from the south and many more.

Price: N$ 150.00 (excluding postage)

Namib Marimbas & Mascato, The Spirit of Namibia - DVD

The spirit of Namibia - DVD

  • Tula Siswe
  • Namibia Yetu
  • !Nosa !oes ge nesa
  • Meguru
  • Omwega Po
  • Okakarara
  • Mase daba kha
  • Gabi Gabi
  • Jesus Oye Winya Tade Kwenya
  • Dumelang ma Afrika
  • Tate Wetu
  • Dumela Kaufela
  • Singaba Yo
  • Mulumele Shangwe
  • Sipiri
  • Ei Si Mama Se
  • Amarula
  • Oaxaese
  • #Nabara #Na
Namib Marimbas, Transformation - CD

Transformation - CD

Ferdinand Hengombe, musical leader and composer of all the songs on the third CD of the Namib Marimbas, has created this unique sound to illustratethat music can build bridges. The laid-back attitude of Namibians, the environment as well as the influence of his ancestors have inspired Ferdinand to combine different genres of music and express his love for the country and the people of Namibia.
(Total Duration of Disc: 55:27)

Price: N$ 100.00 (excluding postage)

Namib Marimbas, Transformation - CD

Transformation - CD

  • Ngurimuje
  • Muhona mbiri erike
  • Namibian Salsa
  • Konganda
  • Musuverua
  • A'Ngandjera
  • Ujama
  • Fantasy
  • Gypsy
  • Omukandi wo nduno
  • Reggae Temptation
  • High Spirit
  • Tau-siba
  • Eyes of an elder
  • Sai !na ba tere
Namib Marimbas, New Beginnings - 2012 - CD

New Beginnings - 2012 - CD

The music, mainly self-composed by our musical mentor, Ferdinand Hengombe, is a unique sound to illustrate that music can build bridges. The laid-back attitude of Namibians, the environment as well as the influence of his ancestors have inspired him to combine different genres of music and express his love for the country and his people. Recorded in Narraville by Marshall Records.
(Total Duration of Disc: 41:41)

Price: N$ 100.00 (excluding postage)

Namib Marimbas, New Beginnings - 2012 - CD

New Beginnings - 2012 - CD

  • Intro
  • Africa
  • Mambo
  • Amarula
  • Natu mangulukeni
  • Ozondunda
  • Shosholoza
  • Join nam da nam
  • Drum and pipe solo
  • Pendukeni mo Namibia
  • Mbanderu
  • Timpo Tsarona
  • Namibia National Anthem
Namib Marimbas, Sounds of the Namib Desert - CD

Sounds of the Namib Desert - CD

Marlene Coulson's contributions on the Namib Desert are read by Ferdinand which are accompanied by beautiful Namibian sounds. The Cd is mainly self composed by Ferdinand Hengombe with traditional music. Some very nice acapella songs to be heard.
(Total Duration of Disc: 43:52)

Price: N$ 100.00 (excluding postage)

Namib Marimbas, Sounds of the Namib Desert - CD

Sounds of the Namib Desert - CD

  • Intro
  • Owete Ovanatjie ovazand
  • Tok Toki
  • Atukugu
  • Meguru (vocal)
  • Drum and Kudu horn solo
  • Ebube
  • Muatje indo
  • #Habusa xabe uitshama
  • Africa Hé
  • Flamingo
  • Meguru (instrumental)
  • Ikerubin
  • Namibia National Anthem


Candle light dinner under the rocks in the Namibian bush


Let the bush rhythm inspire your team spirit!

Book a teambuilding outing into the Nambian Bush. Teambuilding sessions are concluded with entertainment by traditional dancers, firespinners, the Namib Marimba Band and/or the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir. A candlelight dinner under the stars could be a worthy end to a great fun filled day. Should you want to call it a night and enjoy the silence of the African outdoors, overnight camping facilities can be arranged. It will be a memory you will cherish forever!!

In the land of the brave there is a living spirit within the bush drumming rhythm which can bring different indigenous people together through interactive teambuilding drumming circles. These place great emphasis on the group spirit and work towards the goal of creating a stronger team. Candidates learn more about self-respect, habits of listening before acting, humble patience towards one another and to work as a team while learning the bush rhythm.

Collection of Photos: Drumming Circle, Camping facilities, Catering
Drumming Circle - Team Building Exercises

We provide each candidate in the circle with an instrument: Djembe drum, Oryx horn, shaker, time stick or blow pipe. Instantly we introduce the bush rhythm to the candidates and teach the team in sections to simplify the learning process.

Our circles cater for workshops, brainstorming and teambuilding sessions of between 10 to 150 group members. Individual or team drumming lessons can also be tailor-made to your needs, e.g. teachers, school groups or children workshops.

Contact us for more Information


Prof. Aldo Behrens [writer/director], Rosina Bonsu [choreographer], Ena Venter [conductor Mascato Coastal Youth Choir], music by Karl Jenkins and the financial support of Bank Windhoek made this project possible. The Namib Marimbas provided all the percussion music for the musical. 15 performances in Windhoek and Swakopmund concluded in a huge success. The experience was invaluable and we are proud to have been part of it.

Wannabe Musical Stage Performance
Wannabe Musical Stage Performance close up


Marimba Instrument

2014 August - two-week workshop in Cape Town

Conducted by Linda Muller of “Education for Creative Living”.

Interaction took place to enhance the standard of music of the new members
  • Thandi Swartbooi of Women Unite and her dancers
  • Dizo Plaatjies of the University of Cape Town
  • Jongi and friends
  • Marimba Variations
  • and various schools

Playing the African Drum

2006 May - two-week workshop in Cape Town

Conducted by Linda Muller of “Education for Creative Living”.

Daily workshops took place with musicians like:
  • Thandi Swartbooi of Women Unite
  • Dizo Plaatjies of the University of Cape Town
  • Jongi and friends
  • Gavin of African Ethos Montebello
  • Henry Jeanne at the Grove Primary School
  • Marimba Vibrations Group
  • Simon Estes Music School

Marimba Instrument

2003 May - two-week workshop in Cape Town

conducted by Linda Muller of “Education for Creative Living”.

Daily workshops took place with prominent South African musical personalities like:
  • Dizo Plaatjies, leader of the Amapondo Marimba Group, and head of the African Music Department at the University of Cape Town
  • Thandi Swartbooi of Women Unite [Marimba and Dance Company]
  • Andile Siyo of Tolo Enterprise who concentrated on tuning and building of instruments
  • Interaction with Abakaya Marimba Band, ST’Gabriels Marimba Group of Guguletu and Abavuki Youth Marimba Band

Playing the African Drum

2003 January - workshop conducted by music leader Mr. Nassi from Benin

organized by Mrs. Venter of the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir

Marimba Instrument

1999 December - Combined workshop

with the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir and the Sunshine Kids from Gobabis

Playing the African Drum

1997 University of Cape Town’s Music Department: African Music

A two-week workshop was conducted under the leadership of Linda Muller. The main emphasis was the formal introduction to African Music, composing, instrument building and maintenance of instruments, recording of the music and the interaction with music students and music teachers.


gives a soul to the universe
wings to the mind
flight to the imagination
and life to everything


  • Travels abroad

    Namib Marimbas playing in a Church abroad


    Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Cape Town

    Read more
  • Private functions

    Namib Marimbas performing at a private function

    birthdays, weddings, celebrations

  • Official government functions

    Namib Marimbas dressed in traditional costumes

    SAID Conference, SADC Conferences, launch of NAMFISA, Commonwealth Conference [2002], Statehouse June 2004 – inauguration of new diamond mine, Erongo Regional Council functions, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sport and Culture, Ministry of Health and Social Services, National Assembly, to name but a few.

  • Gala evenings and prize giving ceremonies

    Namib Marimbas performing live

    NAMPORT, NBC, Nedbank of Namibia, Maersk Shipping, Etale Fishing Company, Conrad Adenhauer Stiftung, to name but a few.

  • Fundraising events

    Namib Marimbas performing at an event in the desert

    To accumulate funds for various communities: House of Safety – Swakopmund, various church services, visits to schools, to name a few.

  • Accompanying the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir of Namibia

    Namib Marimbas Tour Group in Switzerland

    With their traditional music the Namib Marimbas has accompanied the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir of Namibia on three overseas tours, in 2000, 2003 and 2008

  • Accompanying the Swakopmund Youth Ochestra

    Namib Marimbas in the Desert

    Namib Marimbas has also played music with members of the Swakopmund Youth Ochestra, combining traditional with classical music.

  • Musical “District Six” [May 2003]

    Namib Marimbas performing in a foyer

    Musical Interludes in the Baxter Theater foyer Cape Town

  • Various venues in Cape Town

    Namib Marimbas performing live

    During tours in May 2003 and 2006; (The Waterfront Amphitheater, Drum Café, Mama Africa, University of Cape Town, St. Gabriels Catholic Church in Guguletu, schools in Langa, Guguletu, Newlands, to name a few)

  • Woerman Brock shopping arcade

    Namib Marimbas performing in Swakopmund

    Swakopmund and Walvis Bay

  • Reality show – EXTREME AZERBAIJAN

    Namib Marimbas performing live

    The Namib Marimbas were chosen to perform on the reality show – EXTREME AZERBAIJAN, which was filmed in Namibia. Performances took place during activities.

  • Various venues

    Namib Marimbas performing in front of the Cosmopolitan Lounge in Swakopmund

    The group performs at various venues in and around Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Windhoek including Lodges and Wild Life Resorts around the country. The main emphasis is to entertain tourists and to introduce Namibian culture to the visitors.

Contact Us

Manager: Gerson Dollar Mwatile

P.O. Box 2159 – Walvis Bay
+264 812 325 322

Representatives in Europe

Rainer Huber (Switzerland)
076 322 99 58
Kurt und Barbara (Switzerland)
079 344 77 32